Create economically strong Christian business community globally.


Enable a successful & thriving business in a way that brings glory and honor to God.

OUR Core values

Ethical practices, Ethos drawn from biblical principles, Economic development, Enable business growth & Encourage growing together.


Business opportunities, skill development, knowledge sharing & learning, social & environment upliftment and a lot more.

Speech by Mr. John Jacob, President ICBN

Business is all about Relationships, and that is exactly what we want to build here at ICBN. We want to build Relationships, the next step will undoubtedly be Trust, and then the Business will come across without doubt. At ICBN, from modest beginnings in the year 2017, Vikram Anthony built up a handful of 20 people to a strong group of over 240 plus Christian Businesses from all walks of Life, with business verticals that are so unique.

The growth plan as envisaged is to expand in various parts of the country, and overseas, Chapters are being looked at in Dubai, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia and the US. Why do we need to expand across the seven seas, because Business is not confined to any one geographic position, and it is now totally universal, anything is available to you at the click of a mouse. For each of us, we have plans governed by Gods will in our lives, it maybe National or even International Business. But whatever the case maybe, ICBN is creating a global platform where Businesses of all types, natures, and size are all able to interact, dialogue and work together, with Christian Business Biblical principles.

ICBN Is a group of committed Christians from all denominations, across the city, and country and some from across the world, brought together with One Common Faith in God. That each and every one of them are committed Christians and will be fair, equitable and maintain the best Christian Business Biblical principles in every aspect of Business and dealing. Each of them has been gifted by God to take their Business, Practice, Manufacturing, Consultancy or even a WFH business, to the next level. At ICBN, we uphold the highest standards in everything that our members do, but we try to keep those high standards and do work along those who need help to grow their business in a true Christian Business environment and Ecosystem.

In the days to come, we look forward to taking ICBN to even greater heights, to scale new peaks and be able to see how we can all grow together as a TEAM. We look to collaborate, and forge new Partnerships with other Business groups across the country and World. To build a better understanding in our Relationships and in our dealings, without any compromise in our Business acumen and quality and delivery. We welcome you to be a part of the journey as we take small steps today or leaps and bounds in the days ahead.

God bless each and every one of you in our continuous journey.


Our Services


Connecting Christian businesses to prosper in their professions, build connections that leads to excellence, maximizing our God-given potential.


Networking between the members is the key to establish consensus and to build a congruent, successful business that leads to job creation, thereby enhancing growth among communities as kingdom businesses.


ICBN provides a platform for opportunities to work and to grow together.

Listen to what our members have to say..

Thank God for ICBN and its members, as chritistian business men we are connected with one another to help support and strive at these difficult times of Covid 19, I am glad we have some very enthusiastic and  aggressive business men, including me. Its been good going for me in the group and also the chief objective to keep our Lord above all our businesses, prayer is an integral part that support enables me to press on in spite of situations not conducive and to know ICBN are praying for one another.


ICBN International

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